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About Us
Our mission is to provide all our customers with the freshest and most affordable frog meat in the market throughout the year.

Our vision is to increase revenue by leading in the frog farming industry to turn all frog waste into value-added items.

Mr Wan Bock Thiaw started Jurong Frog Farm (JFF) in 1981 because he foresaw the potential of farming the American Bullfrog. Today it is a thriving business which is growing in relevance in an age where people are increasingly conscious of healthy eating and the importance of food safety and turning to alternatives like frog meat. 

His youngest daughter, Chelsea, who started working full time at the farm in 2006, recognized that education of this farming business to our locals is imperative as young Singaporeans ought to know that farms exist and are producing the food they are stuffing into their mouths.

This father and daughter frog team has worked incessantly on the R&D and marketing of the American Bullfrog’s oviduct, which is a beauty enhancing ingredient popularly known as Snow Jelly (Hashima). JFF is the only manufacturer of the Specially Selected Dried Snow Jelly in Singapore.

Tens of thousands of locals and foreigners hop into the frog farm every year as JFF which started out solely as a production unit has since evolved into a popular tourist destination!
1970s - Mr Wan Bock Thiaw rented a piece of land along
Old Jurong Road and started breeding American
Bullfrogs in the 80 fibre tanks.

1981 - He then registered the small scale frog breeding
farm on 29th October 1981 naming it JURONG FROG

1990s - As demand for frog meat grew, to operate purely
as a breeding farm was not lucrative enough. Just
imagine the frogs sitting around for 9 months before they
are ready to be harvested; its way too expensive! He
then started importing Live American Bullfrogs mainly
from Malaysia.

1993 - We were shifted to the 1.2 hectare farmland in
Lim Chu Kang Agro-technology Park on 29th November

1994 - Work began on this piece of grassland. We have
to pave most of the areas and walkways with concretes
as a deterrent to frogs’ natural predator i.e the SNAKES!

1997 - Mr Wan started R&D into the development of
Dried Hashima

1999 - “JFF Specially Selected Dried Snow Jelly” was
2001 - Meanwhile the demand of frog meat has grown
and it is imperative that we have to establish a licensed
slaughterhouse to gain a stronger foothold in this
industry. At the same time, we have to construct a cold
room (-18 degree Celsius) to facilitate a quick-freeze
method for all frozen products.

2005 - “JFF Essence of American Bullfrog with
Cordyceps and American Ginseng” was launched!

JFF Farm Tours packages were revamped when Mr
Wan’s youngest daughter Chelsea entered the family

That year, we also joined Kranji Countryside Association
(KCA) as a member.

"A Frog's Blog" Magazine was launched. A range of
JFF Merchandises soon followed.

2010- Change company structure from Sole
Proprietorship to Private Limited Company; We are
known as JFF PTE LTD since 2nd September 2010

2011 - Work began on R&D of bottling of JFF Premium
Hashima Dessert

2012 - JFF Premium Hashima with American Ginseng
launched on 14.10.2012 with much success.
2013 - JFF Premium Hashima with American Ginseng
made its first media appearance on The Sunday Times
9th June 2013 Pg H22.

Key Milestones and Achievements
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