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Farm Products
Fresh and Frozen Frog Legs (LOCAL)
At JFF, our American Bullfrogs are quarantined in fresh water and fed on a high-protein diet.
Fresh frogs are processed and vacuumed packed locally.
For our frozen frog products, we employ a quick freeze method in a -28 degree Cold Room to ensure freshness and sterilization.
Fresh Whole Frogs (LOCAL)
Our most popular product with the drive-in customers and restaurants, the fresh whole frogs are slaughtered fresh on the same day as they are sold.
Frogs are sold by weight to ensure that customers are always getting good value for their money.
Frozen Frog Fore Legs (LOCAL)
As the popularity of our deep fried frog meat skewers goes to show, there is more to the frogs than just hind legs. The tender, succulent fore legs are also on sale coming in frozen packs of half a kilogram.
Tilapias (LOCAL)
Tilapias are bred and reared at the farm. The way to tell if a fresh-water tilapia will have a muddy taste is to take note of the colour of the skin. A pale pink colour will indicate a clean taste wheras a dark pink to red colour will indicate otherwise.
Snakehead Fish (Toman) (MALAYSIA)
Snakehead fillets are delivered fresh from Malaysia daily. It is popular for fish porridge and stir fried with spring onions.
Frozen Eels (MALAYSIA)
Frozen eels are low in sodium. They are a good source of phosphorus as well as a very good source of protein, vitamin A and vitamin B12. Eel meat is considered a delicacy in most countries.
Specially selected Snow Jelly (LOCAL)
JFF Dried Snow Jelly is painstakingly selected and dried at 60 degrees to retain the maximum level of collagen proteins. Its health benefits include replenishing vital essence in the lungs, kidneys, and improving skin complexion. Our stock is replenished frequently to ensure freshness.
Silver Fern Farms' venison is farmed in the open, green pastures of New Zealand without the use of steroids or hormones injections. Silver Fern Farms' venison represents tender, premium quality cuts produced to exacting specifications. The flank steaks are filleted for easy handling and cooking preparation.
Crocodile Tail Meat (LOCAL)
The crocodile meat sold in our farms is produced in a local crocodile farm. Crocodile meat is sought after for its medicinal properties. It is recommended for people with asthma and skin conditions.
Crocodile Bone (LOCAL)
The Chinese believe that crocodile bone double-boiled with herbs will help to strengthen a weakened body as well as to help strengthen the body's immune system.
Health Supplements
Exotic Meat
Frogs Produce
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JFF Premium Hashima with American Ginseng (LOCAL)
Our Hashima ingredient in this product is specially handpicked for its premium quality and is 100% processed and manufactured locally without any use of artificial flavouring, colouring and preservatives. This product is HACCP Certified. Take a bottle every alternate day for best results!

(Expiry Date: 01-08-2015)
* Prevailing GST will be added to item total.
Call us @ +65 6791 7229, SMS/WHATSAPP to 97639077 or email to sales@jurongfrogfarm.com.sg to place a Home/ Office Delivery order with these information:
<address> <product name x quantity> <Date of delivery>.
All delivery orders will be confirmed by EMAIL or SMS.

Delivery Terms & Conditions:
NO extra charges with a minimum of $75 nett. Prevailing GST will be added to item total. Delivery Schedule is strictly between 10am - 4pm (Monday - Saturday) depending on your location. We will charge a fee of $10 for the second/ emergency trip on the same day. Please make sure that there will be someone to receive the goods and make payment during the estimated period of delivery. Please call 6791 7229 to check with our friendly sales assistant on the ETA of your location. Please note that cut off time is 5.30pm for orders to be delivered the following day. Any orders made after will be arranged to be delivered the day after next. There will be a $15 fees for locations within CBD area to cover for the tolls, parking charges and congested traffic. We appreciate your understanding should there be any delay due to unforeseen traffic congestion.

Payment terms will be by exact cash on delivery, cheque addressed to JFF PTE LTD or bank transfer for advance payment.
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Deboned Frog Meat (300g)
Our frozen deboned frog meat is cooked and deboned for convenience which can be used for stir frying or cooked in porridge. The frog meat processed  out of American Bullfrogs are fed on a high-protein diet and are reared without any use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids.  Source of Country: LOCAL. Nutritional contents: Low fat, high protein, High selenium ( good antioxidant properties and recommended for people/ pets with skin allergies)